Cloud Solutions.

Stay current, productive and profitable

Cloud computing is the powerful, modern way of computing. Unlimited storage capacity without the worry of hardware to buy and manage. Automatic software integration and unlimited storage. Access anywhere there’s an internet connection. For businesses going places.

Software as a Service

Your best business applications always up to date

Give your staff industry-best software solutions where, when and how they need it. We make it easy for you to access the right software from leading SaaS cloud providers via the security of the Telstra Apps Marketplace. We’ll design the best package for your business.

Infrastructure as a Service

Free your capital and people

Say goodbye to sinking your precious capital into purchasing, setting up and maintaining IT hardware that’s soon out of date. Star21 can equip you with a tailored IaaS solution through Telstra, Australia’s largest cloud infrastructure provider.

Cloud Deployment Services

Do it once, do it right. Cloud that works.

To be fully successful, Cloud deployment needs to be done right. That takes the expertise and experience of professionals like the specialists at Star21. We start at the beginning, optimising your devices and networks, then setting up, migrating and deploying your cloud solution. Do it once, do it right.

Cloud Managed Services

For the ultimate stress-free IT environment

Star21 empowers you to enjoy the power of cloud computing without the pain of having to be an expert in everything. For the ultimate stress-free IT environment, we will support your business with Cloud Managed Services that leave you free to service your customers, support your staff and build your business. IT that simply works.