Star21 specialises in the entire range of network solutions, so we’re careful to select a solution that meets your business needs, while supporting your strategy into the future. Our solutions are designed to improve business performance and connect your organisation. We specialise in a range of Network solutions including; wired and wireless, SD-WAN, SASE, IoT, rapid deployment, hybrid working, resilient and redundant. All our networking solutions use Telstra’s global high-speed IP backbone, including powerful Adaptive Networking for simplicity, choice and flexibility. 

Private Networks & MPLS

Efficient, secure, low-latency networks

Enjoy first-rate performance and a powerful end user experience with Telstra’s private network solutions. Best of breed for capability, resilience and coverage.

Internet and Intranets

Reliable, flexible, fast

Take away the worry of Public network connections with solutions that can meet all organisational needs from basic Internet access through to total Zero-trust environments.


Flexible, powerful, reliable

Simplify your network, and respond rapidly to your changing business demands – as and when you need. Branch office, retail outlet, IoT: a Star21 solution is designed to meet your exact needs utilising equipment from Cisco, Meraki, Fortinet and VMware.

Elastic Edge & Resilient Networks

Seamless business operations anywhere, anytime

Star21 can provide a wireless routing platform for businesses on the move: branches; mobile, pop-up and temporary locations. Deploy your network where you need it—in days, not months.

With the advent of Hybrid Working the provision of resilient networks is essential to ensure people are always connected and available.  Whether it is in or away from office locations, Star21 can provide solutions appropriate to needs.

Network Management

Design, Support, and protect

Take the headache out of managing your data network. Star21 experts offer customised design, support and protection for your network, your business and your most important data assets.

Network Equipment & Endpoint Management

Customised to keep your network working

Network Care Plus, equipment maintenance and integrated Service Desk can be customised to provide optimum support for your business.